Canadian ESL Centre, is a warm friendly environment, we offer individual or small group instructions from experienced ESL professionals. Programs tailored to you, specially designed to match your needs, from elementary to University, and from children to adults. You can register part-time as well as full-time. Lessons include conversation, vocabulary, speed reading, essay writing and listening skills.

We also offer IELTS ,TOIEC TOEFL preparation. The Centre also offers a large selection of ESL Resources such as books and CDs for specific needs.

Having lived in Japan, for more than 20 years, we have developed a more compassionate understanding of situations faced by ESL students main streaming into a different culture. Living in another country in which the customs and culture are different can be very stressful.
At our centre we welcome to students to London community as much as possible. Sports and recreation activities are a great way to learn some English and Canadian culture. Practical knowledge of the English language can create fantastic opportunities not only in London, but in Canada as well.


“I like this school because learning English is interesting and I can make many friends from all over world.”

Gen, from Japan

“I was able to gain confidence and become fluent in English, also I was able to get high score on the TO IEC Test exam.”

Judy, from Korea

“I was able to get great score on my IELTS Test after corning to Canadian ESL Centre.”

Ray, from China

“I like London so much after I became fluent English at Canadian ESL Centre. I was able to get a job and now I am living in Canada.”

Vic, from Mexico